KLWeb Group is a state-of-the-art marketing firm designed to provide our client’s products and services, maximum exposure to their industry by immersing them in today’s highly successful Business to Business internet marketing solutions. Our 50+ years of experience in the graphic arts, converting and printing industries, provides our clients high quality, targeted opportunities for THEIR success.

We incorporate modular builds of 5 major concepts of e-business

Optimal Website Design
Most everyone will agree… a successful Web site is an absolute necessity, especially as today's business professionals are extremely likely to do their research online before meeting a sales rep. Not having a Web site today makes your business appear unprofessional while remaining nearly invisible to potential customers. With superior design and well-written content, your Web site will ensure that your business stands out from your competition.
KLWeb Group will not only create the highest quality site for you, but, with our optional marketing services, we will also drive traffic to your business.  Without visibility on search engines, the best Web site still will not generate results that turn to sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A web site is only working for you if you can take advantage of search engine positioning. Our team of professionals understands how to optimize keywords and phrase searches that are specific to your business and can design a program for positive positioning of your web site with the world’s most popular online search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others.

e-Lead Fulfillment Programs
SEO is great for customers searching out new solutions.  We take it one step further by coupling it to our e-Lead Fulfillment Program, generating interest and driving prospects to your products.  We can tailor email programs to keep in touch, interact and introduce new products, services or ideas, all of which are utilized to build brand loyalty for our clients. The unique value KLWeb Group offers your e-Lead Fulfillment Program is our extensive database of industry contacts.  KLWeb Group’s e-Lead Fulfillment program has accountability.  Our reporting and tracking capabilities allow us to analyze a program’s effectiveness and adjust our efforts to maximize its penetration, thus directly increasing response rates and sales results.

Contact/Client Management
KLWeb Group maintains a data base of more than 20,000 industry contacts and can develop a program for email fulfillment and e-Lead generation that targets your specific audience. We also have developed the first co-op of industry contacts that are shared by all of our clients so your targeted marketing campaign will benefit from our other client lists and vice versa.

Product Hosting
KLWeb Group gives our clients an additional opportunity that exists nowhere else.  We offer an economical solution for targeting your marketing efforts for one or two specific items using our website.  Host your products on our website and use our in-place solutions to effect excellent results.  Time lines are reduced dramatically as we develop a single page devoted to a specific product rather than a much more extensive effort redesigning an existing poor producing one.  A long term stepped approach is then logical.  Use our website to drive sales for important products then later devote your critical budget to the redevelopment of your primary website.  Great economic sense.

To learn more about KLWeb Group, our clients or to inquire about any of our marketing services email us at sales@klwebgroup.com or call 630-725-8740