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Automated Register Control
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Imaging Technologies, Inc.
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Imaging Technologies has designed a color registration system so advanced,; it comes with a money back performance guarantee!

Color register today is often taken for granted considering most of the systems on the market were designed more than 20 years ago when paper was less expensive and register compliance was a given. Today, the level of complexity in “printing for profit” has increased dramatically and so has the ability to control make-ready, start-up and running waste.

I-TECH delivers a state of the art register system designed for today’s print environment and backed by a company philosophy that believes in exceeding customers’ expectations, not just meeting them. 


May 2010 Press Release
ITECH Newsleter


  • 0 to Register in less than 300 copies… guaranteed.
  • Nano register marks… virtually invisible.
  • Advanced high speed camera technology.
  • Designed for an unsupported web.
  • High intensity lamp system… finds marks ultra fast.
  • Intelligent Vision System… auto optics cleaning.
  • Real time feedback… instant diagnostics.
  • Solid Technology… real ROI and profitability.
  • Measures every impression… proof of compliance.


  • 24/7 Customer Care Support
  • Instant support response via the web
  • Continuous system monitoring
  • Remote performance analysis
  • “Anytime Training” for new operators
  • Free software updates
  • “Talk Live” one on one with noise cancelling headset


  • Cocking Control
  • Phasing Control
  • Auto transfer capable
  • Front-to-back registration

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