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The Vits Systems Rotocut air floatation sheeter is the fastest, most accurate cross cutter in the world! Built to exacting standards by industry professionals who truly understand web and sheet handling dynamics, the Vits Rotocut air flotation sheeter is trusted to perform in over 90% of today’s high speed commercial print operations with more than 1000 installations worldwide.

Rotocut B… one of the most economically profitable retrofits in pressrooms today, as printers realize short term payback on production increases by replacing their older sheeters.

Rotocut S the most widely trusted product in press lines today, sold to more O.E.M. press suppliers than any other finishing component.

Rotocut HS actually set the record for high speed sheet handling, state of the art technology, fully automated, sheeting webs up to 57” at up to 2,500 fpm!

Rotocut Features …

  • Exclusive air flotation sheet handling system
  • Exclusive dual vacuum braking system
  • Single or double cut knife cylinder capability
  • Exclusive integrated print-to-cut register control
  • Integrated static elimination
  • Dual driven draw roll tension control system
  • Servo drive technology

Rotocut Options …

  • Power shear slitting system for center or edge trimming
  • Automatic tabbing system
  • Integrated modem connection for maintenance or troubleshooting
  • Automated pallet transport system
  • Automated pile changing
  • Vits Angle Bar System

Rotocut Options …

  • Vits Double Former Folder module for the production of folded product
Models available in web widths from 20” to 57”
Rotocut Sheeter Multicut Sheeter Folia Sheeter